Video Tip: Takeaway Drill

In my newsletter last week I featured the following drill to help players perfect their takeaway.  The takeaway has many aspects, but getting the club in the position discussed in the video is an important element.

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For this week’s video tip I demonstrate an easy to use drill that can help you perfect your takeaway, which I define as simply the beginning of your golf swing.

It is too often that I see players on the lesson tee come in with a poor takeaway, sabotaging their swing as soon as it starts. This drill will give you a quick and easy guide to ensure that the path of your golf club is not responsible for swing errors as you begin.

This drill is easy to set up and perform so I hope that if you feel like your club position in the backswing is throwing off your game you will use this drill to improve.


Make More Birdies

Every Monday (or in this week’s case Tuesday) after the conclusion of the PGA Tour event of the week, I write an instruction article for the Golf Channel.

Last week I used Hunter Mahan’s win to discuss how he made so many birdies and how you can try to do the same.  I usually link my articles on Twitter and Facebook each week, but in case you missed this one I figured I would include the link below:

Make More Birdies

Be sure to check back in on Tuesday to see what you can learn from the winner of the Deutsche Bank  Championship.  And as always, be sure to share my articles with everyone you know!

A Drill for Downswing Sequence

As part of my weekly newsletter (that you can subscribe to on my website by clicking here) I included a video tip that discusses a drill to help you practice the correct downswing sequence.

Being a Level 2 Certified K-Vest Instructor, understanding the importance of swing sequence has really gotten my attention.  This drill has been around a long time, but if you struggle with directional issues in the swing, I highly suggest you give this a try.

A correct downswing sequence is critical in allowing you to swing the golf club on the proper path.  Path will not only influence your shot direction, but also your ability to hit the ball in the center of the club face.

Has This Ever Happened to You?


One of my high school golfers was fortunate enough to have this happen to her in a match on Thursday.  The picture you see is the ball stuck in a tree about 15 feet above the ground.

Fortunately we saw it go in the tree and never come out.  But even more fortunate was the fact we could actually see it.  If we couldn’t find it, it would have been a lost ball resulting in a stroke and distance penalty.  But we found it and she was able to take an unplayable lie and proceed from (below) there.

Do you have any unusual golf stories? Share them in the comments!

Newsletter: New Video Tip

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This video tip is one of my favorite drills to help golfers of all skill levels with their chipping around the greens.  Chipping is such a simple motion that is usually complicated by extra motion.

If you use this drill, you will eliminate that extra motion and start hitting your chips more solid.

PGA Championship, The Year’s Best Major

pga champ

Rory McIlory is quickly becoming the media’s answer for who the next Tiger Woods was going to be.  Although I believe there will never be another Tiger, it is hard to argue that McIlory is by far the best and is truly deserving of his World #1 Ranking.

Rory’s win at Valhalla was icing on the cake of what was a very special week for golf in the state of Kentucky.  Valhalla is a great venue and is one of the best our state has to offer.  It was also very cool seeing the world’s best golfers take on a golf course that I was able to play for the first time last year.

Their performances were a little better than mine, but that’s another story for another day.

pga valhalla1
View from the Kentucky PGA Section Club overlooking the 7th fairway at Valhalla.

Any time  Valhalla has a major event, the Kentucky Section PGA is called upon to volunteer on the practice facility.  Since becoming a member of the PGA, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at a Ryder Cup, Senior PGA Championship, and PGA Championship at Valhalla.

It is an incredible experience being able to get up close and personal with the players, as well as their caddies and coaches as they prepare for a major championship.

Our main function when on the range is to place their nameplate on the range as they warmup (pictured below).  It sounds tough I know, but somebody has to do it.

pga valhalla3
The nameplates lined up and ready to go on Sunday. Take note there’s no Phil nameplate. He wasn’t a fan of the nameplate. He ended up with one anyway.

For those of you that were there on Sunday, you probably got wet. For a stretch of about 30 minutes it rained as hard as it could, flooding the golf course, turning every green and fairway into a river.

Fortunately, Valhalla has a state of the art system in place that accelerates the draining process on their greens, leaving them water free minutes after the rain was over.

The fairways drained well, but not well enough in places calling for an “all hands on deck” situation where myself and a few others from the practice area loaded up on a golf cart, drove out to 15 fairway, and squeegeed the remaining water.  All I’ll say about that experience is that the maintenance guys on TV make it look much easier than it is.

pga valhalla2
The driving range after the rain on Sunday.

One more cool thing that happened during the rain was being stuck under the tent on range with Jim Furyk, Brandt Snedeker, Bill Haas, and their caddies.  It was obvious that the guys were wound up getting ready for their final round, but interesting to see how they kept loose by making each other laugh by cracking small jokes while stuck in the rain.

The rain eventually went away and Rory was able to squeeze out a 1 stroke victory in the dark to win his 3rd straight tournament and 2nd major in a row.

Much has been said about how the rain softened the golf course making it easier to score and there’s no question that was the case.  But who cares? It was wildly entertaining all weekend and the course still gave the players enough trouble to keep them honest (just ask Bubba).

The PGA Championship is often forgotten amongst the other majors of the year, but it never disappoints.  This year was no exception and I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy it. Please share your experiences in the comments so we can see how you experienced this awesome event.

pga valhalla4
The scene at the 1st tee moments before the final group on Sunday.

New Blog!!


I can’t believe I’ve gone all summer without a blog post! But trust me I have a few excuses. The most obvious of course is the fact this summer was by far the busiest I’ve ever been.  A very good thing by the way!

The other is that GoDaddy, who hosted my old blog, decided they were getting out of the blog business. That left me back at the drawing board, in the midst of my busiest summer ever.

See… I told you I had some excuses.

This blog is still a work in progress but at least I was able to save and import my old posts, which you can still find here.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as I post about my experiences at the PGA Championship last week at Valhalla, as well as a new series of video tips I recorded today that will be coming out over the next few weeks.

Newsletter: Junior Golf Camps

This week’s newsletter focuses on the junior golf camps that I will be conducting at Keene Trace Golf Club this summer.  If you don’t receive my newsletter, get over to and subscribe!

Here’s a bit of my newsletter:

Next week I will get back on track with another video tip, but this week I wanted to remind you of a great opportunity for junior golfers this summer.

In less than 2 weeks I will be kicking off the 2014 Junior Golf Summer Camp schedule at Keene Trace Golf Club!

If you have a potential junior golfer or know of one that is interested in learning to play golf, these camps are perfect.  They are also good for current junior golfers that are looking for a fun and competitive way to learn more about the game this summer.

I have been conducting junior golf summer camps for almost 10 years now.  I started by assisting with the camps then gradually worked my way up into a leadership role.  For the last 5 years I have been organizing and leading junior golf camps every summer.

My goal for each camp is to create a fun learning experience for the kids.  I follow the PGA Sports Academy model which has been a great way to incorporate several activities within the camps to give our junior golfers new ways to think and learn about the game.

You can sign up your junior golfers online by visiting our academy’s website and clicking the Register Now tab or you can contact me via email at

One thing I have found that makes these camps more exciting for the kids is when they have a larger group of campers that are just like them.  If you know of anyone that may be interested in these camps please forward this message to them or have them contact me. 

Thank you for your support in the past and let’s get this summer started!

Camp Schedule

June 9 – 12 @ Keene Run

June 16 – 19 @ Champion Trace

June 23 – 26 @ Keene Run

July 7 – 10 @ Champion Trace

July 14 – 17 @ Keene Run

July 21 – 24 @ Keene Run

All junior camps begin at 9 am and end at 12 pm.  Recommended ages for the camps are boys and girls ages 7 – 15.  Our junior camps will incorporate several activities that are designed to teach the game of golf but also have a fun time doing it!!  All skill level golfers are welcome to attend.  Each camp will be held at Keene Trace Golf Club.  Cost is $175 per camp (or $150 for Keene Trace members).

High Performance Golf Academy Wedge School

Times are filling up fast for the Wedge School featuring Andrew Rice! Be sure to read the info below and sign up today.  Also be sure to visit my website and subscribe to my newsletter so you can stay up to date on things like this.

The following is a portion of my newsletter that was sent out last week:

I can’t believe it is May already which means golf weather
should be here to stay for a while!  In
the month of April, I taught more hours of instruction than any other previous
month since joining Larry Ward at the High Performance Golf Academy 3 years
ago.  If you had trouble getting on my
lesson book last month, this is probably no surprise!

May has historically been my busiest month so I would
encourage you to plan ahead and schedule a time on my lesson book ASAP to make
sure we can get you in and start improving your game.

The High Performance
Golf Academy Wedge School featuring Andrew Rice

Coming up on May 26 and 27, we are bringing in Andrew Rice, one the world’s best
short game instructors and author of the Wedge Project for a Wedge School.

We are offering 3 different clinics during those two days
and I would encourage all golfers of any skill level to pick a clinic and sign

to see our email that went out last week describing the details and
schedules of each clinic.

For this week’s video, I’m borrowing a clip from Andrew Rice
to give you a taste of what he will be discussing during our Wedge School.

The best part about signing up for the Wedge School is that
you will receive a FREE custom fitted Cleveland Wedge AND we just found out
that Cleveland Golf will also be supplying everyone with a FREE dozen golf

To sign up for the Wedge School simply text your name and
“sign me up” to Larry Ward at 859-321-3364 or email him at

Summer Junior Golf

With the creation of Keene
Trace Golf Club
, combining Keene Run and Champion Trace to form one club, I
have expanded the dates for our Summer Junior Golf Camps.

I will be conducting camps at both courses this summer for a
total of 6 camps so be sure your junior golfer takes part in the fun!

Campers have already started registering for the summer so
be sure to act early because the space for each camp is limited. 

Visit the Junior Golf Camp page of our website (here) to view the
schedule and register for the upcoming camps. 
You can also contact me to sign up your junior golfer today!